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Olav Talberg
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This textbook is a revised edition of the former course books Engelsk for Teknisk Fagskole and ACCESS English for Engineers. This revised edition is designed to meet the curriculum requirements for both Teknisk Fagskole and Kommunikasjon og norsk, and the access course for engineering studies in Norway. The wide selection of texts and exercises gives the students an opportunity to draw on their vocational training and work experience, while developing an extensive, relevant vocabulary and improved communication skills. All major engineering areas are represented, and an entire chapter is dedicated to communication and cultural knowledge. This textbook is also suitable for engineering students and engineers who need to improve their English proficiency. Olav Talberg was Associate Professor of English at Oslo University College and taught English at the Faculty of Engineering until his retirement in 2010. He has written several course books and teaching materials, in English, for vocational, technical and engineering studies.

English Speaking Course Recommended for you Access study documents, get answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for ELTU 2014 : English for Engineering Student at The Chinese University Of Hong Kong. Studies show that students who regularly participate in study groups retain what they learn longer, gain a better understanding of concepts and theories, enjoy coursework more, gain more self-confidence, and perform better in class than students who work on their own or have a competitive attitude toward other engineering students (D.W. Johnson, R.T.

To master engineering English, you cannot just lock yourself in a room alone and study. You need to practice speaking with others, too.