Finding the right English words

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Stewart Clark
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Finding the Right English Words er boka du trenger for å unngå pinlige feil når du bruker engelsk i skole- eller jobbsammenheng. Med både humor og alvor plukker forfatteren av oss de vanligste feilene vi gjør når vi kommuniserer på engelsk. Boka er nyttig enten du tilhører offentlig eller privat virksomhet, om du forsker eller underviser. Alle oppslagsordene i boka er oversatt til norsk. Finding the Right English Words starts where spellcheckers and dictionaries stop. It focuses on 3000 of the most common problem words for Norwegians who use English as a working or professional language. It is the ideal book to have on your desk, whether you work in the public sector, research, business and industry, study or teach. It is written in English; however, all headwords are translated into Norwegian. Finding the Right English Words is a mine of information that will update and amuse you while clarifying some of the finer points of English in non-technical terms. Stewart Clark has been the English language adviser to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim for 30 years. During this time, he has been editing texts and teaching English to staff at the university and elsewhere in Norway. Stewart has written three books on English usage that have been published internationally. He is from Cambridge, England.

A. Read the following text and look up the shaded words in the dictionary to find out the correct mean-ing.

Learn more about the words of your Why on ... How do you choose the right word for the right situation? The most powerful words tend to be the shortest and, not coincidentally, the ones most basic to the English language. Words like kin, thanks and small, for instance, are deeply rooted in Old English before A.D.