Knut Hamsun: transgression and worlding

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Ståle Dingstad
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For those interested in a broad pursuit of Norwegian novelist Knut Hamsun's literary contributions, very little has been published in English. One finds Hamsun biographies, overviews of Hamsun's oeuvre in literary histories, articles containing analyses of various works, and a few dissertations and monographs. International literary scholarship has, however, lacked a book presenting contemporary, theoretically informed approaches to Hamsun's writing. Knut Hamsun: Transgression and Worlding presents sixteen new readings of Hamsun's works. The book is aimed at students and literary scholars within the fields of Scandinavian Studies, Comparative Literature, and World Literature, exploring transgressive and transnational aspects of Hamsun's writings. These readings contextualize Hamsun's oeuvre within his polemical writing, his literary milieu, and his personal history. Taken as a whole, Knut Hamsun: Transgression and Worlding presents a complex and at times contradictory evaluation of this important but highly problematic author.Edited byToimittaja:Ståle DingstadYlva FrøjdElisabeth OxfeldtEllen ReesSeries:Acta Nordica. Studier i språk og litteraturvitenskap

Andersen, Britt. (2007) Biopolitikk: Markens grøde og Konerne ved vandposten.

and Knut Hamsun. In particular, the course will focus on how these writers of the late 19th century came to ...